Be a Knockout.

Established in 2019, noku noku is a brand of skincare essentials that we are proud to put our names on it. 

We picture noku noku as an extension of ourselves as we operate with one simple mission - naturally effective and easy treatments at an affordable price. Every product that we offer is formulated with an obsessive dedication to quality and functionality. We design and develop every product in-house and from scratch. Being able to produce in our own GMP proven lab with trusted ingredients and advanced technologies mean greater quality control and lower production cost at all levels. And for that reason, we are positive in delivering products of greatest value to you.

In a nutshell, noku noku is unlike anything out there. It is made for all knockouts and is surely a skincare line you can feel good about it.


Our #nokunokuknockout Story

A life journey in every bottle.

noku noku 創辦人從小就時常待在家裡的保養品廠和實驗室,耳濡目染之下,對於保養品產業以及原物料的知識有了比大多數人更深的了解。在琳瑯滿目的保養品市場裡,我們有信心 noku noku 能幫助大家解決肌膚的基礎問題。

Natural skincare for all skin types.

noku noku,用敲敲門的概念來喚醒您的肌膚。


Our #nokunokuknockout Knowledge

Our mission is to develop a skincare line you can feel good about it.



We keep it real.

Gluten Free / Vegan / Paraben Free / Cruelty Free / Dermatologist Tested / Sulfate Free / GMP Approval